What Actually Influences Trends?

Fashion is an overall popular aesthetic term in a given time and place and at a given context, particularly in clothing, footwear, accessories, hairstyling, makeup, and body proportion. The word “fashion” is derived from the French word that means fashionable. Today, fashion is an ever-changing and evolving field. One can classify different styles and trends by taking into consideration the following five elements:

Trends: A general notion of what is considered to be “new” in fashion is based on the preceding trends. If a garment, accessory, or hairstyling style is new in one culture and old in another, it may be deemed to be part of a trend. Thus, clothes, shoes, and accessories need to be purchased that will go with the trends of the day. When the day’s fashion is finished, the outfit becomes outdated. Trends should only be considered as a general idea, though, since each individual experiences fashion differently.

Creativity: The field of fashion is home to some of the most inventive minds in the world. The cutting edge ideas and styles of today’s fashion designers are constantly being challenged and evolving. With the advent of new technology, these ideas and creations are transferred into fashion products and sold in massive numbers. Innovative fashion becomes commonplace, thus making trends inevitable.

Service: People buy items and wear services for many reasons, some of which include personal necessity, vanity, and desire for distinction. Fashion, due to its service aspects, plays a vital role in these reasons. As clothing is tailored to fit a person’s body type and dimensions, it is important to choose a style that will flatter the particular body type. Women often have difficultly finding a good dress that fits properly since there is no single size that fits all. Likewise, men often have difficulty finding a good pair of shoes because each individual’s foot is unique. Thus, fashion serves a double purpose in providing service to both genders.

Consumerism: Most of the world’s population are extremely conscious about what they wear, with fashion being one of their major concerns. In fact, it has been said that fashion is the new religion. People buy new clothes, not only to follow new trends, but also to feel good about themselves. Thus, when new fashion trends emerge, it is not only fashionable clients who will benefit, but also the customers.

End of the World Activities: Some people believe that fashion trends only emerge when the world is going through a certain stage. They then look for a stylish item that can be used to make a statement in such activities. In fact, fashion always comes before activity, just like the wind. In most cases, individuals cannot predict when the trend will appear, so they simply follow along until something looks good on them. However, when the trend does appear, everyone loses their enthusiasm, and no one shows the same enthusiasm that they did previously.