What Is Toto?

When you think of Toto, you might immediately think of a small girl in a tutu, swinging on a monkey swing in an animated cartoon. However, Toto is actually a Japanese translation for “fox”. Or, more accurately, a reference to the monkey bar which was common at the time to be a place where small girls would swing and perform coiled-kite stunts. Hence, meaning….a local symbol for female reproductive organ.


In traditional Japanese culture, the fox is viewed as a symbol of female power and sexuality. In ancient China it was a representation of heaven and the male and female energies were said to flow together. In Japan, it represented the spirits of good fortune, courage, persistence and fidelity. In Korea it is a reference to the horse called the “Seoul bbang”, which is thought to bring good fortune. In Tibet, it represents the wheel and in the Philippines, Toto is a reference to the cassava which is a sacred wheel used to bring good luck.

So what does Toto mean? According to one source, the name Toto means “one who moves”. Another says it means “one who plays the game”. Still another says it means “one who dances”.

It seems that Toto means a lot of things, but I was unable to find any reliable information about it online. There is one way to get some idea about what the meaning of the word is. Look up the definition of the word on Google, and see if there is any related entries, or at least any definitions that are very close to the one you are looking for.

If you are in Japan and would like to use Toto as a name for a particular animal, you will have plenty of choices. The most common choices are “toto” for a cat and “toto” for a horse. Both are fairly common and used in everyday speech, so you should not run into problems with that. Other animals such as sharks are also referred to by variations on the name, but those aren’t as common.

So, now that you know what Toto is, what can you do with it? Well, if you are a Japanese person, you can give it as a gift. In America, the most popular gifts given are watches. They can be a really simple watch, or more ornate and decorated versions. Toto is a great gift to give to someone who is really hard to buy for.