What Does Toto Mean?

Toto is a Japanese word that literally means “oneditary”. The origin of the name Toto is most likely derived from “TO” for “own, own, and in possession.” Another possible origin is from the sound Toto when spoken. Meaning “tones”.

When you hear Toto, the name sounds like an old fashioned western cowboy or cowgirl. It is a cool name, since it’s both feminine and masculine. Since there is a wealth of possibilities when it comes to a name, this means that there is a plethora of possibilities with the meaning of Toto. Name like Anya or Ariya may be appropriate but Toto is more unique and speaks volumes of uniqueness.

If you like a girl who’s independent and confident then Toto may not be the name for you. But if you’re a guy who loves to be with a girl and wants to show her how you feel then maybe it’s the right one for you. This word is a great compliment because it shows respect, courage, and independence.

Toto is also commonly used to describe a male, like Masato, Tomoyo, or Mio. The word itself can mean “wild one” but it is more commonly used as a compliment to a woman. Masato is a Japanese name, which means courageous. Toto is a shortened version of Masato which means handsome.

Toto is used to show respect and loyalty. Like with Masato, Toto is shortened to Toto which is another great compliment. It can be used to show care like with Mio who is a Shinto goddess like a guardian angel.

Toto can be a good alternative to “boyfriend” or “foster”. It is short and easy to say. It has its own sense of uniqueness and can be used at a younger age than other words. The meaning is simple; beautiful, strong, and protective. All three attributes that Toto possess have to do with a girl. If you want to be known as a great guy who is caring and thoughtful then Toto is what you are looking for.

The word Toto translates to “poison”. This is not a negative word at all. Instead, it’s a positive word that describes someone who is kind, respectful, and trustworthy. This person is always around to see to the welfare of others.

The meaning of the word Toto is that of strength and courage. It can also mean “dawn white”. Toto is basically an all around good guy. He is the protector of his friends and the rescuer when needed.

It’s interesting that the word Toto translates into the word “poison”. If you think about it, this is exactly what he is. It’s also interesting to note that he is kind of like the Phoenix in Greek mythology. The word Phoenix is also shortened to Phoenix. The meaning is pretty self explanatory, unless you are trying to figure out what kind of person Toto is and why he is always around other people.