What’s The Difference Between Haute Couture and Other Fashion?

What is fashion? Fashion is a general term for any specific style of dressing. It is used by the fashion industry to identify and describe a particular style of dress that has become universally fashionable. Fashion is a subjective and flexible aesthetic expression in a certain context and at a certain time, particularly in clothes, shoes, accessories, hairstyle, makeup, and body shapes.

Since the beginning of civilization, fashion has been associated with regulating societal gender roles and sexual boundaries. It can be defined as a way of relating to others, an idea, or an object through the use of clothes, jewelry, cosmetics, and other objects. One can distinguish four different categories of fashion, each having varying influences and definitions. These categories are the following: classical fashion, pre-modern fashion, contemporary fashion, and exotic fashion. Classical fashion is characterized by elegance, simplicity, classic design, minimalism, and the absence of complicated patterns or designs.

Couture in French means “contemplated” or “altered.” It is the bridge between classic and contemporary fashion, thus it influences both styles. The term “couture” was originated from a combination of two words “couteur” (a dressmaker) and “costume” (a shop). These words combined literally mean, “all dressed up.”

Haute couture is also known as high fashion, which refers to designer or personalized clothing. The most famous designers and brands in the haute couture line are Gucci, Dior, Versace, and Chanel. The fashions are characterized by unique cuts, innovative designs, and luxurious fabrics and materials. High fashion designers usually work in either private label or couture lines. Some fashions are influenced by pop culture and new trends while some have more traditional ideas.

The other type of fashion is simple and classic, which is mainly worn in everyday life. Haute couture designers design exclusive, limited edition clothing for the rich and famous. Limited edition fashion ranges from handbags, shoes, swimwear, lingerie, sunglasses, jewelry, watches, sports clothing and designer coats. These exclusive items are usually pricey and are sold only among the elite circles of society.

Both haute couture and limited edition fashion are highly popular worldwide. Both have distinct styles and they cater to different market segments. Haute couture is considered a style statement by many women, while limited edition fashion is popular among men. There are also fashion weeks in major cities throughout the year. No matter what kind of fashion you like, there is probably a collection of clothes available that fits your sense of style.