Top 5 Shopping Spots in Phuket

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Top 5 Shopping Spots in Phuket

To Gel Hoh Kong is a rather new entry in the vast genre of Singapore dining out but it has already become quite popular. The area around Orchard Road and the vicinity of Penang, off the east coast of Singapore is packed with small eating houses (martinis or teriyaki) who specialise in serving traditional food from Singapore. There are also many food centres and bistros on Orchard Road and Central Business Districts adjacent to the central business district (CBD). All in all, central Singapore is one of the most popular places to eat in Singapore.

So how did to Gel Hohongkong come about? The name itself is rather odd – togel hongkong is a combination of two words that mean ‘exotic’, and hongkong is an Indonesian word meaning ‘to grill’. So it’s a relatively modern take on the usual ‘Malaysian experience’, and judging by the response to it online, it seems to be doing well. Popular dishes include ‘perang Hal ini kutapur’, a beef and chicken curry, and spicy and sweet prawns, served with a sweet and sour sauce. It’s probably best enjoyed with the barbeque (perang) that is slowly cooking on a metal grill in the back.

Most of Singapore’s restaurants are hawker centres, and there are several hawker centres right next to Gel Hoh Kong. One of the most famous, and also the cheapest, is Taman Mini-Lapis Empanadas. It’s inside a small Chinese restaurant on the north-western corner of the central business district. For around $8, you get a delicious meal that includes a delicious soup (tatu nude), a delicately prepared rice dessert (ingin just togel online on-line), and a wide selection of chicken dishes including satay, beef, and mutton. It’s a great place to see the sights of the town, and it’s not too far from the airport, so you can always go out for a quick lunch or dinner.

Not far from Taman Mini-Lapis Empanadas is Togeliharn, a very popular place with both local and expatriate diners. The building itself is stunning, and there are even a few small shops on the ground floor, where you can buy local items, such as cashews and fenugreek, for a good price. Of course, you can also purchase western goods from the small alcoves along the walls, such as Indian medicine books, and CDs on various music themes. It’s not far from To Gel Hoh Kong, and you can reach it by taking the train that passes through the tunnel just outside the primary entrance to the mall. The journey to Togeliharn is very interesting, as you learn about the people of this area who live by the sea, who make their living fishing for dugongs and barracuda, and who are also quite famous for the unique jewelry they craft using gold leaf.

For something completely different, you should try Phuket’s very own To Gel Hoh Kong. This amazing shopping complex offers not only a wide variety of locally made goods, but international brands, and a large selection of antiques and handicrafts from all over the world. There’s a large indoor marketplace filled with everything from street side stalls selling fried foods and snacks to high-end clothing stores. You will find some excellent street food, many of which can be found for just a few dollars, and a few which are available for well over $100! If you enjoy fresh local seafood, this is definitely the place for you to go, especially if you like to try new varieties from all over the world.

The most promising shopping option in Phuket would have to be Benar Bangkran, or The Gateway to the East. It’s located in the heart of Phuket, right by Benar Beach. You’ll be able to find traditional agate works from southern Thailand and some of the finest handicrafts from Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia. While you’re there, you should also try the fresh seafood and award winning soups, the best rice dishes, and the amazingly tasty malasdas. If you have a taste for the exotic, then Benar Bangkran is definitely the place for you.