TOTO Watches – A Great World Wide Wrist Watches


TOTO Watches – A Great World Wide Wrist Watches

The name To Tarangire is derived from “toro” which means a big house, and “tan” meaning water in Swahili language. The company is also known by the name Toto because it makes miniature leaf blowers which are popular toys. Toto was established in 1960 by Nigerian entrepreneur Adeel Chowdhry and thereafter it has grown phenomenally to become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of small and medium scale engineering machines. It is based in Italy but has its manufacturing facility in Germany.

The company’s main product is porcaro. This is a type of hard rubber that can be used for a wide range of purposes such as oil rigs, pumping gear and tires, roofing, garden tools and many more. So, from being a humble rubber plantation in Benin to becoming the worlds largest manufacturer, to becoming a major player in the international market, to the main character in an American rock band; Toto has achieved in itself a very impressive feat.

As already mentioned Toto is a product of Nigerian porcaro rubber. However, to this day the company produces a wide variety of products, which are produced with or without porcaro. This diversity speaks for the fact that Toto takes care to meet the demands and needs of various clients and as a result they are one of the best known brands in the market. Their products are well known not only in Nigeria but across the globe and they are manufactured in a way that they do not emit any hazardous gases.

As already mentioned that Toto is a main character in an American rock band, but they are also known to produce gloves, shoes, socks and even outfits. They have a vast collection of products and as a matter of fact they have so many different products that it may take a very long time to mention them all. Some of their most popular products are: Toto T-shirts, toto slippers, toto boots, toto bags, toto hats, toto sunglasses and a lot more. All these and more can be purchased online, which helps to make purchasing these products really easy.

Toto was founded back in 1960 and as a business man worked in Japan. After working in Japan he decided to start his own company in Nigeria and as a result he introduced his line of products in Nigeria. From there on he expanded his business to many other parts of the world and opened stores in America, England, Germany and many other places in the world. He also managed to open stores in China and Hong Kong. As you can see Toto has spread the world with his amazing creations and sales continue to go up each year. He has managed to change the way people think about fashion and style.

One of the things that Toto is really known for is their great quality of workmanship and his great sense of humor. Everyone knows that Toto does not really do colors or make clothes, but what he does is design and give style advice to his customers. He wants his customers to have beautiful clothes that will last for a long time. There are only a few people who buy Toto clothes and they are really only worn by those who know what TOTO is doing. You must have seen all the TOTO websites and you can see how many followers Toto has on the internet and all over the world.