Why You Should Consider a Toilet Seat From TOTO

TOTO, stylized as TOHO, is today the world’s largest cosmetic toilet producer. It was established in 1917, and today is known for producing the Washlet and similar derivative products. The company is now based in Kitakyushu, Japan, and has manufacturing plants in nine other countries worldwide.


One of the most popular of their products is the Washlets. A traditional Japanese wallet is a small square-shaped roomy toilet seat, with a raised, sloping front surface. It usually has two or more short rolls of toilet paper, a mouthpiece, a towel holder, and a lid that can be raised to wash. The design of the toilet seat has been copied by many companies, but TOTO has kept the original simple layout. The original design was inspired by the “Shikibuton” of Japan, which used rectangular toilet seats with raised fronts for wiping.

The original design was later adopted by some companies, but TOTO kept the simplicity intact. They have kept the basic design, but added features such as an integrated magazine to hold hygiene guides, an attached lid, and even the ability to use their “Tornado” toilets to clean tile floors! The latest addition to the TOTO line-up is the “Horie,” a six-piece suite of toilets including the toilet bowl, the brush, the toilet paper holder and the attached lid.

The toilet seat has always been a feature useful to TOTO. They have made many innovations to suit their growing market. Today, there is a Smart Toilet Seat that makes cleaning your bathroom easier than ever. It has integrated water pressure sensors that are controlled by a hand-held remote. When the sensor senses low water pressure, the toilet seat becomes folded up and stored until it’s time to be used again, saving you time and money.

Not only is TOTO a leading toilet and hygiene product maker in the U.S., they have also formed alliances with many other companies to develop products to suit specific needs. TOTO believes that everyone deserves a comfortable toilet. In fact, the company has expanded into the health and wellness industry with their line of “Komatsu” and “Zenmed” products. This alliance with Zenmed, a Japanese toilet manufacturer, gives TOTO an opportunity to expand into new markets.

In a society where quick showers are expected, it is refreshing to know that one can purchase a toilet seat that does not fit into the current design trend. That means no more designing by committee. If you are looking for a new toilet, the solution may be to look at TOTO. Their wide range of “smart totoos” includes traditional styles, chic toasters, ultra-modern designs, and environmentally friendly toilet seats.