What Is Fashion?

DescriptionFashion is an artistic expression, in a given cultural context and in a given time and era, of dressing, footwear, fashion, accessories, hair style, makeup, hairstyles, and body shapes. The word in its broader sense means a definite appearance as that what is the latest trend of the time. The term is generally used to refer to any trend that becomes the most trendy or highly fashionable. In general, fashion is what makes a person look fashionable, however it can also be the description of a style of dress that is particularly flattering to a person’s body shape.

Trends come and go. Some are accepted as being timeless while others are considered to be current events. While it is not uncommon to see a number of fashions in a given year, trends can change dramatically in just a matter of weeks or months, especially when a new fashion element is introduced. As fashion evolves and changes, a trend can either become mainstream or eccentric, depending on the initially popular trend and how long it lasts.

There are several factors that contribute to the creation of a trend. A popular cause for a fashion trend to occur is a rise in demand for something. For instance, clothes became very popular in the 1960s with the rise in popularity of civil rights and street demonstrations. Clothing was seen as a vital part of a movement and many people wore it to represent themselves as part of the revolution. As fashions began to change, people began to wear differently designed clothing to signify their status or to identify with a particular group.

Another factor that helps to create trends is the global economy. Certain areas of the world have become significantly more fashionable than others due to trading relations between countries. Commodities, like oil, are bought and sold across international borders in large quantities. This allows fashion to vary widely from place to place. Economic globalization also causes fashion trends to change, sometimes quickly and dramatically and sometimes slowly, depending on the state of the economy in those countries.

Fashionable trends can also be affected by popular opinion. If a celebrity or a clothing designer makes a statement about something they are comfortable wearing, other people will begin to purchase that product. If a trend becomes more popular, more people will want to wear it, which can cause the price of that item to increase, creating a new trend. Popularity can also cause an item to become over-priced, which can lead to a fashion slowdown. Even if a person does not agree with the trend, other people may be quick to try it out, causing the price to decrease once it becomes popular.

A major portion of fashion designing is marketing the fashion trends that have been created. Designers need to work to create a sense of change and excitement in order to keep customers interested in their clothing. Although there is much that can be said about fashion trends, fashion marketing is often the true test of a designer’s ability to predict what will be popular and sell well. By providing customers with new designs, designers can set the stage for great fashion.