QE Guidelines From The Society of Professional Editors

Do you eat breakfast? If the answer is no, I know what you are thinking. How can you possibly get your kids to eat anything if they don’t have anything to eat? Words that describe the act of eating. Words that get people in the mood to eat something. Words that get people in the mood to lose weight.

The authoritativeness and credibility of this acronym are important to consider. See if the organization that uses the acronym has credibility and expertise. Does the organization use a standard method of determining what constitutes “expertise.” Would they use a qualified and recognized individual (the authoritativeness) or a person who may be in the business for the money (credibility). You will feel much better if you eat only what is called “healthy.”

If the organization that uses the Authoritativeness and Credibility guidelines favors the qualified and recognized individual, we can trust them. We can also trust them because their experience gives them credibility and therefore their judgment is more reliable than that of someone who has not gained credibility or trustworthiness through experience. For example, many websites use an “approval” form that requires personal information. These website companies make money by selling advertising.

Most of the time, these websites use a search quality evaluator guidelines (SQE.) Although some have been careful to use “approved” in their names, many are not. This makes it difficult for many organizations to know what their customers need. Also, many organizations make it hard to find a SRE, which is not recommended. That makes it hard for organizations to know what criteria they are using in making sure their rankings are fair and truthful.

When we want to know if an organization is using SRE, we only want to know whether or not they are using an SRE that meets a beneficial purpose. Therefore, we should also look to see if the organization uses a QE. When an SRE is used for its beneficial purpose, the results are more reliable and trustworthy.

If we watch out for quality evaluators in organizations, we can learn what makes them different from each other. In general, many organizations are using guidelines from the Society of Professional Editors (SPE) and the American Psychological Association (APA). Those organizations who want to know more about what those two organizations think about the way their websites should be written can visit the SPE web site and look at their qualifications.