TOTO Toilets: High Quality, Low Maintenance

Toto is a Japanese-American manufacturer of toiletry items. It is known for creating the Washlet and other derivative items. The company is currently based in Kitakyushu, Japan, and has manufacturing facilities in nine different countries worldwide. Most people associate Toto with their iconic Shampoo line, but the company also produces a variety of beauty and bathroom products. It is known for the attention to detail that is seen in all of its merchandise, including the toiletry bags that each item is sold in.


The Toto toilet brand is a relatively simple design, using geometric shapes and a basic color combination. This theme is carried through the company’s products, which often appear more like works of art than traditional toilet seats. For example, the washers that come in a variety of colors are all designed with small geometrical figures in them. Some of the figures include a grandfather clock, a dollar sign, and other commonly known symbols. The toilet seats themselves have a similar theme, using black and white squares, rounded rectangles, and rounded oval edges to create a clean, modern design.

Despite the simplicity of the design of the Toto toilet seats, they are designed in a series of different styles. The best toto toilet that Toto offers is the Toilet Seat With Ring, which has a round bottom and a black and white ring on the top. This particular style is Toto’s most popular, which is probably why it is sold the most. There are also a few other styles available from this manufacturer, including the Toilet Seat With Wallet, Toilet Seat With Umbrella, and the Classic White. Each of these designs has their own unique style that differs slightly from one another.

TOTO’s most popular style of toilet is their Ultramax toto range, which has a tank that attaches to the base of the toilet. This tank is then covered by a black polycarbonate lid that has two metal prongs at the base to attach to the toilet seat. While the Ultramax toto toilet has a unique design that is not typical of most toto toilets, this style still meets the minimum requirement for waste to be disposed of in a public bathroom. This is because it has a capacity of ten gallons per flush, which is the amount required by state law to ensure that the public lavatories remain clean and hygienic.

TOTO has many different options for their wallets, which can vary depending on what you are looking for. If you are looking for a toto that is both easy to use and hygienic, then the TOTO Aboulache washlet is what you need. This toto features rubber feet that allow you to place your feet onto the toilet as you perform your bowel movements, and it comes with a long, non-slip arm so you don’t have to worry about falling and getting injured while doing your bowel movement routine.

One of the most popular toto toilets that TOTO sells is their Ultramax toto Washlet, which features the standard height flushing toilet seat. The Ultramax toto Washlet also features an antibacterial seat cushion for added comfort when using the seat. In addition to the standard height flushing toilet seat, the Ultramax toto Washlet also features a special “quick wash” mechanism that allows you to wash your wallets in five seconds or less. This adds convenience and value to your public bathroom routine. Other features of the Ultramax toto Washlet include a seat that adjusts to a variety of toilet and bathroom heights, a durable vinyl base that is resistant to water and scuffing, a non-skid bottom that keeps water from pooling on the bottom of your toilet, and a long, non-stiff handle for easy access. This wallet also comes with a matching color and design in white.