Diet Entry 1 – Keep Scrolling

The debate over whether or not eggs are healthy for you has been rekindled due to a recent study showing that they contain some antioxidants that help fight cancer. Eggs contain good amounts of vitamin D, which helps prevent bone decay and cardiovascular disease. Egg yolks also contain high amounts of protein, which helps with muscle building, as well as helping the body absorb calcium for strengthening bones and teeth. There have long been rumors that eating an egg can lower cholesterol but until now there hasn’t been any direct evidence backing up those claims.

Most people believe that if you consume more calories than you burn during your daily activities, then you will gain weight. This is known as the calorie theory. When you consume more calories than you burn, it results in weight gain. Eggs are rich in protein and are often times referred to as “good fats”. While this may be true, it isn’t the only reason why they are beneficial for weight loss.

Diets are categorized by carbohydrate, fat, protein, vegetables, fruits, dairy, and mineral. There are literally hundreds of thousands of different foods that fall under each of these categories and are classified based on how much of each nutrient is needed for health. In a basic diet, there are 4 essential food groups: carbohydrates, fat, protein, and vegetables. This diet is used by most dieters to reduce their daily caloric intake and lose weight. However, when you get down to it, diets don’t work in isolation; they are part of a larger plan that includes exercise, activity, and diet soft drink, among other things.

“Diet” is an adjective that means the action of losing or reducing to the point of losing or being reduced. “Diet” also defines the noun “diet” and can be found in both the inclusive and the object forms of the verb “to diet”. In the inclusive form, “diet” means a change in eating habits, while in the object form, it means a specific type of diet. “Dieting” is the act of making a controlled attempt to diet. “Dieting” is a verb which can be added to many different verb forms.

There are two verbs to remember when defining a diet. Those are “diet” and “keep scrolling”. To diet means to make a controlled effort to shed pounds by limiting certain foods or activities or both. Keep scrolling means to keep on hand at all times a list of the foods that you eat and the amounts that you consume.

So, if we use the dictionary definition of the verb “diet”, we find that it means to “reduce or reduce gradually”, which makes it very clear that we need to use “keep scrolling” in order to keep going with the diet. The noun “diet” as we see it stands for a specific type of diet entry 1, which can be found in the second place of the verb, while “diet” as we see it stands for the entire process. In short, “diet” simply means food and the amount of it. So the next time you want to explain what a diet is, keep scrolling!