Gel Kung Fu – Training in the Core of Strength and Precision

The first of the five traditional forms of the Wing Chun system, Togel HONGKONG is often regarded as the pure martial art form in Hong Kong. It was devised by Hong Kong’s top trainer, Lau Wui-men (Chung Shik-Ming) with the aim of using his expertise in acupuncture, diet and meditation to create a completely internalized form of Wing Chun that would deal more directly with the physical as well as the spiritual aspects of fighting. Although the concepts of Chi Power and the Five Animal Wing Chun are both reflected in Togel HONGKONG, the emphasis is always directed towards achieving a perfect balance between the two. The concepts of Chi and the five animals are closely tied to the idea of maintaining balance and harmony within the human body.

togel hongkong

During combat the body is a living organism that tries to defend itself against external aggression. However, any form of physical contact can be dangerous. This is because when a fighter’s body is unbalanced it can be easily damaged. In order to counteract this danger, the body must be perfectly balanced between the energy of the aggressor and the internal balance of the body. If either part overcomes the other, a bout will end in a draw.

Togel HONGKONG focuses on the concept of Chi awareness. This is the subtle energy field that permeates and animates the natural world, the energy field that lies just below the sensitive organs of the body. This field of energy is subtle, yet its effects can be tremendous. When a practitioner of Togel aims at an opponent, he draws power from the body’s Chi energy, redirecting it in such a way as to protect the vulnerable areas of the body from being directly hit.

Unlike many other martial arts that address only the external aspects of combat, Togel HONGKONG maintains a focus on the internal. This martial art is unique because of its use of physical contact. This is not to say that there is no offensive skill involved; strikes, kicks, and blocks are important to Togel’s strategy. But a well-placed hook or jab can send a martial artist into a dizzying spiral of physical attack and counterattacking, leaving him vulnerable to attacks from the rear.

Although Togel HONGKONG is unique in the world of martial arts, this is not to say that the form is less popular than others. In fact, the popularity of this form of Kung Fu has soared in recent years, and many more martial artists have been introduced to the world of Togel through contests and movies. This type of Kung Fu has been used for decades as a training tool for military and police personnel, but has also found its way into the hearts and homes of ordinary citizens who want to strengthen their bodies and keep themselves safe.

The art of Togel uses a strong balance of power and control in the martial arts to create the fastest moves and highest degree of accuracy. This results in quick, accurate responses to any attack, which makes it the perfect weapon for police and military personnel on the battlefield. The training requires the student to learn how to move quickly, how to quickly apply pressure, and how to accurately synchronize the force of their blows with the movements of their bodies. As a result, this form of Kung Fu is not one that emphasizes the ‘speed’ aspect of combat, but rather the steady, methodical movements that characterize good old-fashioned sparring. And this suits the fast-paced, technologically advanced world of the 21st century just fine.