TOTO – The Toy Maker That Never Sleeps

Toto has a long history of making great toys for children. They have been producing toys since the 1970’s and their history goes back even further than that. For over one hundred years, Toto has been making toys for children and their parents. With a tradition of manufacturing toys that are fun, educational, durable and easy to play with, they are in the business of making things that will entertain children.

TOTO is also known as TOEIC, which stands for Toy Industry Education Center. It was first TOTO that made Dorothy smile and saved her life when she was a little girl in Oz. When Dorothy and Billina, followed by Toto and the Lion, walked through the door, they saw other people gathered in groups or walking along the roads, or gathered on porches and balconies, or seated in chairs or on benches in large groups. There were houses and cars in all the places, but there were no people there except for the ones Toto and his workers were building. Billina asked Toto if he could show her what he was doing. He asked her permission to help him.

Was he building the house or the car? Both, but he was building the houses, while Billina was helping him build the cars. Toto’s job was to build the houses and TOTO’s employees were to build the cars, but TOTO didn’t have any employees to do anything else. But with the help of his workers, TOTO managed to make the house and the cars look exactly like what it looked like, and the people were able to get inside them.

TOTO’s workers included the witch, the lion, the brown dwarf, the Scarecrow and the Tin Woodman. As an employee, TOTO had to be respectful. If someone called out a bad spell, the spell was cast by the worker, and not TOTO. TOTO was not responsible for anything that happened inside the house, but he had to stay behind with Billina so he could stop the spells.

To get TOTO a job as a toy manufacturer, TOTO applied for and got a license to manufacture TOTO toys. They made a lot of different toys, including the most famous cartoon character of all time, Mickey Mouse. Even though TOTO didn’t sell a lot of toys, they did enough to become one of the leading toy manufacturers in the world. The company grew in number and sales, and TOTO went on to become one of the most well known and respected toy manufacturers in the world.