TOTO Cars and TOTO Trucks

TOTO is a brand of toys that were originally manufactured by Japanese carpenters back in the 1920’s. Founded in Germany, the company later moved to Japan and became known as Toyota. It was then that TOTO came up with their first ever toy line-the series of “Futurama Carps”.

Cars are a universal symbol for masculinity, so the company also decided to produce an extensive range of vehicles that were made of metal. TOTO also specializes in creating toys that are geared towards children. The original series included cars, trucks, boats, helicopters and more. In fact, they even had some robots in there to take the place of regular human drivers!

They became incredibly popular toy lines, which were probably due to the fact that these vehicles were not only cool looking and unique looking, but also they were highly functional and reliable vehicles. They were very popular with both boys and girls alike and the popularity continued until they were forced out of the American market in the 1980’s.

TOTO Cars and TOTO trucks were especially popular during the 1960’s as they were one of the first major attempts at creating cars with realistic features and designs. However, the production line was plagued by a lot of problems. Most of the problems were caused by the poor quality of the plastic used in manufacturing the toys. Plastic that was too thick and had too many holes in it was unable to support the weight of the vehicle.

After this happened, TOTO decided to make improvements to their products. By this time, the plastic used in manufacturing TOTO cars was far more reliable and strong, so the company was able to improve the design and manufacturing process to ensure a much higher level of reliability. When they got to the new plastic, they found that it was a bit too thick for the job. They tried to increase the thickness so much that it became brittle and split apart as soon as it was put in a vehicle.

TOTO trucks on the other hand had a very different problem. The manufacturing process had caused the truck body to be made of fiberglass, which was extremely flammable. As soon as the fiberglass cooled off, it would explode, causing an enormous amount of damage to the surrounding area. Luckily, the company was able to change their manufacturing method and use a different type of material that did not cause any damage. to the surrounding environment after the original manufacturing process was fixed.