TOTO Toilets – A Better Alternative To Traditional Toilet Bowls


TOTO Toilets – A Better Alternative To Traditional Toilet Bowls

TOTO, Ltd., Japan s manufacturer of bidets, are among the leading manufacturers of home and public restroom facilities. Today, as of march 2020, over 80% of all households in Japan have bidet restrooms. This is according to a survey conducted by a leading hygiene product maker in Japan. The bidet itself has a variety of shapes and sizes and can be purchased with or without a hose and with or without a seat. TOTO claims that their bidets have a “flush-able” function so that when people need to flush, they can do so easily without worrying about getting the seal of the toilet water on their skin.

The latest models from TOTO come in both sleek looking stainless steel and polished chrome. They have Japanese styled designs and are very classy and elegant looking. One interesting aspect of their bidet seats is that they have smart handles, which allow the user to push the seat and sit down very easily without having to bend over. The key pad is also very smart and neat, with large buttons and sliders for easy access and a very long warranty period. It has an integrated water light for flushing and even has a timer.

TOTO bidets have a special feature called the “Shiatsu” which uses acupressure to stimulate the flow of blood and nutrients throughout the body, including the genital areas. The special finger pad attached to the bidet also helps stimulate the circulation of the blood, making it easier to flush out. Another cool aspect of their bidets is that they use water and air to heat the water and air, making it easier to flush. All models of TOTO toilets have an integrated humidifier which regulates the moisture level of the toilet bowl to provide comfort to users and keep the environment at its cleanest. This is especially important to Japanese users, who are used to moist climates.

When it comes to quality, the toto toilet brand impresses many people with its attention to detail and beauty. Toilet seats made of stainless steel are always attractive and available in different colors. There are also various designs and patterns to choose from. When it comes to accessories, you have an array of attachments to choose from like brushes and toilet brush holders. And, to complement your bathroom design further, there are toilet seat cushions to match, which you can wash every time after use.

The TOTO bidet is not only considered a useful tool for washing but it is also thought of as a status symbol in Japan, where the owners often parade the “high class” item around. Most Japanese toilets have a small Japanese toilet seat attached along with the washlet. The Japanese toilet seat is usually made of porcelain, wood, or silver. They are usually attached on the top of the washlet, either permanently or semi-permanently. This has been a tradition started by samurai warriors thousands of years ago.

TOTO’s latest innovation is the “kaizen” or” kaiseki “line. The new line of toilets, which come in different colors and with multiple functions, can be used to wash and dry clothes. The washlet can also be used to dry your hair. These Japanese line of toilets also have an additional function called the “bastard shell.” You use this added function to keep the toilet bowl clean.