Fashion is a popular visual aesthetic expression in a certain time and era, specifically in clothing, shoes, hairstyles, accessories, make-up, hairstyling, and body shapes, specifically in the Western countries. However, fashion as a visual art has existed since the ancient times. According to the Greek poet Homer (Homer’s Illiad and the Odyssey), the hero Odysseus had a beautiful and impressive collection of clothing. He presented his collection during a well-attended picnic on the beach at the region of the Trojan Mountains.


The popularity of Odysseus’ style of dress cannot be explained by the superficiality of style or the mass appeal of Odysseus’ attire. Rather, it is more likely attributable to his style of wearing the apparel. Among other things, he wore a full-length tunic with a leather wrapping cuffs and a belted shirt. In addition, he donned sandals and carried a loaf of bread wrapped in a cloth square, just like loaf of bread to the wise man once told his companions that he will have for dinner.

A typical fashion garment is the tunic, which is largely worn as an outer garment and often used as a display of wealth and power, since tunics, though not originally a traditional garment, were commonly worn by royalty in ancient Egypt. The word “turban” today comes from the Arabic term caring, meaning dress. Trousers were traditionally used by the people of Afghanistan, though they were adopted by the people of Turkey, Egypt, and some parts of Europe. Trousers were also often used in the Middle East as the work gear.

The trouser, which is also called the pajama, was originally a heavy wool garment that reached to the ankles and was reinforced with padding. In western fashion, the pajama is often used as a dress, although it is not uncommon to see a man wearing it under his suit as a work wear or in formal occasions. Trousers made from heavy fabric such as silk, brocade, velvet, or satin have been popular fashions in high fashion for several decades.

Shoes were also a part of the rich attire seen in high fashion. The men’s high fashion shoe was a type of cross-train shoe that reached the ankle and was reinforced with metal studs on each side. It often had a very elegant design on the toe. For women, the most popular fashion shoes pumps which reached to the mid-calf of the woman. These shoes often had platforms at the front and back of the shoe, allowing it to be decorated with colorful straps and laces.

Formal events and parties are attended in evening gowns, sometimes accompanied by coats and jackets. A gown is considered formal attire if it reaches to the ankles and is laced up with a shawl. The sewn on fashions in this category are usually long and form somewhat of a triangle dress. These gowns may be made of a heavy fabric like velvet and satin. Some of these gowns may have a sash tied at the waist.