Draw of the Thais – The Ingin Event

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With the new year coming up, it is always a great tradition to have a Buddhist New Year’s feast in honor of Buddha and all of his other merits. It has been held for nearly two thousand years and falls on the first day of the New Year. During this time many cities across Thailand will celebrate the start of a new year with parades, street parties, street food and of course a series of cultural events. Amongst these events will be a large festival held in honor of Buddha and called ‘neyo awadhi’ where Thais will gather to bid farewell to the old and welcome in the new.

In the early morning on the day before the festival, the old men of the village gather to bid farewell to the old and welcome in the new. The event is also a time for blessing the properties which are being left as offerings to Buddha. This includes the bermain di bandar, which is known to be the property of the Buddhist monk, Bhrayavatiyan. This particular property was donated by the king of Phuket, Vayo Bhai Prasat, to the monastery of Dhammak (Dusit) in the early tenth century. The king had given the monastery the funds to build the bermain di bandar as a place to house the aging monk. After the king’s death however, the monks were allowed to use the bermain di bandar as they please.

Another event which is celebrated in honor of Buddha at Togel Hengkong is the awarding of the best man trophy to those persons who have done exceptionally well. Among those being rewarded include the best man (man) of honor, the treasurer, the master priest, the senior monk, the chief monk, and others. The recipients of the award are usually given a bowl of richly prepared rice with a mirror and sweetmeats, which symbolize their role as an official representative of the monastery. They are also showered with many gifts such as beautiful silks, lacquer bangles, silversmith work, and many other accessories. There are also festivities which are organized to mark the occasion, such as the presentation of the golden ingin or the presentation of the engine by the queen of Kandy. Other notable events included the naming of the twenty-eight thrones of the Khmer empire to those who had contributed most to the foundation of the Khmer empire.

The next draw of the Ingin Event, which was entitled the Live Draw Hk 2020 took place from the month of November to the month of January in Gampang, Cambodia. This draw attracted participants from all over the world including representatives from Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia. These nations are represented by their respective prime ministers and the delegations of the Southeast Asian countries that were formerly Khmer. The aim of this event was to introduce the concept of Live Draw Hiking to the delegates.