Toto Has A New Album

To Toto is eighties inspired pop band from Los Angeles, California. Toto is best known for their music style, which blends elements of rock, pop, soul, funk, alternative rock, jazz, pop and hard rock. This band was formed by the combination of the likes of vocalist/singer Roger Daltrey, bassist John Cowsill, and guitarists Paul McCartney and Roger Daltrey. The band has gone on to be successful in their genre of music. Many Toto songs have gone into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame including hits such as “ocyprus”, “Bodhisattva”, “Touch Me All Over” and” Okinawa”. A feature film of Toto was released in 1997 called, Toto.


The band is split into two factions, those who agree with their innovative musical styles and wish to progress with their sound, and those who are adamant with sticking to what they know and love. Consequently, the latest Toto to tour with is the band with Daltrey as their lead vocalist. Daltrey has replaced longtime member, Greg Lake, who recently suffered from cancer. Lake’s replacement is, surprisingly enough, is that of Jaco Pastorius. This is a good thing because pastors has played lead for some of the biggest names in rock and roll including Cream, Aerosmith, Motley Crue, and Dream Theater.

During the opening ceremony for the New York concert, Toto opened with a song called “Love Takes Off”. In this song, Toto featured Daltrey on lead vocals and also featured guitarist Jaco Pastorius on rhythm guitar. This lead guitar and rhythm guitar pairing are a welcome change for many Toto fans. The song is about the band going through their own make-up and dealing with different types of people. It is a great song to listen to during a concert to really get into the music.

Toto’s performance of “Love Takes Off” was accompanied by a beautiful instrumental piece performed by the band called “Haitian Divan”. The musical arrangement featured on this track was amazing. I have never heard anybody’s voice sound so clean and crisp. It was truly remarkable.

During the encore, Toto brought out their much beloved backup group, consisting of just two members, Mark King-Ecko and Brian Bell. They were joined by keyboard player, James King, who plays keyboards. These three put on an energetic, if sometimes erratic, version of Toto’s popular songs. This band added a little humor to proceedings occasionally by playing random lyrics.

During the end of the night, Toto played a cover of “Mystery Train” off of their last album, Viva La Vida. This cover features Daltrey on lead vocals, while Matt Gilbertson sings with the band. Both groups are able to seamlessly combine parts of their songs from Viva La Vida. “Mystery Train” is one song that will definitely be interesting to hear with Toto again.