TOTO Toilet Seat – The Latest Trends in Japanese Toilets


TOTO Toilet Seat – The Latest Trends in Japanese Toilets

DescriptionTOTO, stylized as TOTO, is the largest private toilet producer in the world. It was established in 1917 and now is primarily known for creating the Washlet and other derivative products. The company operates in nine countries worldwide, including China and Japan. All products are named after the city of Tokyo, where they are manufactured.

The most common types of TOTO products are the washlets and bidets. Washlets are intended for use on the human body, whereas bidets are for use on the toilet. Both washlets and bidets are available with detachable seats, but only the washers are fitted with electronic bidet systems. Electronic bidet systems include an internal electronic circuit board and a small electronic circuit board connected to an electric current. This circuit board contains the electronics necessary to activate the electronic bidet seat and initiate a cycle of bathing.

Toilet seats were previously sold separately from the bidet toilets. However, in North America and Europe, where the two products are widely used, toto toilets and bidet toilets are often sold together as a single product. In some cases, the toilet seat and washers are sold as a complete set. In these cases, the toilet seat is usually made from a single piece of plastic, but the washers are fitted into individual plastic pieces.

TOTO develops new designs each year to keep up with the latest trends in bathroom design. In addition to new washers and bidets, TOTO manufactures shower systems, such as heated floor and handheld showers. Some of their shower systems use the latest technology, including integrated messaging systems and jetted steam showers.

For hygiene reasons, TOTO toilet seats must meet stringent hygiene requirements. When purchasing a TOTO seat, it is important to note that all toilet seats come with a sanitary mat. This is placed under the seat to help prevent the spread of germs and infectious diseases. If the seat does not come with a sanitary mat, the customer can buy a separate one at an online retailer or from a manufacturer.

For those who wish to decorate their restroom, TOTO provides a wide variety of colors and patterns for any bathroom decorating style. In addition to traditional Japanese colors like white and red, customers can also select from a number of other colors and patterns. For example, silver and gold are two popular color choices.