TOTO Toilets For Your Bathroom

TOTO is a Japanese company known for its luxury toiletry items. It was established in 1917, and today is recognized for creating the Washlet and related accessory products. The company currently has manufacturing facilities in nine different countries across the globe. The name is derived from the Japanese term for the boat, which is toto. It specializes in producing toiletry items for upscale customers.


TOTO believes that personal hygiene should be achieved with products that are both functional and stylish. It is a progressive company that strives to manufacture innovative toilet accessories that can help travelers maintain their hygiene while they are away from home. Their Washlets and seat packs are made to be resistant to water and stains. Their range of toiletry products also includes bathroom suites for hotels and spas.

Most of the collections from TOTO are aimed at salon owners and other high-end customers. These include heated seats and hand towels. TOTO also manufactures travel washlets that are designed for use while traveling on planes or during any other form of public transportation. These special collections also include insulated toto toilet seats.

Many people prefer a heated seat in the toilet, as it helps to alleviate muscle cramps and ease discomfort during a long, tedious commode experience. The TOTO heated toilet seat covers come in a variety of colors and patterns, including black, blue, charcoal, lime green, pink, red, silver, yellow, and white. In addition to the seat cover, there are a matching tissue holder and a robe holder. The Washlet by TOTO also comes in these colors and patterns: charcoal, black, blue, lime green, pink, red, silver, yellow, and white.

Some people prefer TOTO’s bathroom accessories because they can also be used to decorate the rest of their home. The Towel by TOO line of furniture offers a wide variety of hooks and towel holders. In addition to having a decorative look, the hooks and towel holders allow you to hang more towels while keeping your counter space free. These also make great organizers. If you prefer the traditional style of a toilet bowl, then you will love the Toilet Bowl Shade. It is made from clear acrylic fabric, has a rounded bottom, and a fold-down shade with a hook and loop closures.

Whatever your decorating taste, there is a large selection of items from TOTO to choose from. This includes the Washlets by TOTO and Toilet Bowls by TOO. If you are a decorator, or if you simply want to have more options in the bathroom, then these products will give you what you need. You will enjoy the beautiful design and functionality that these Japanese toilet seats offer, along with a better sense of organization.