How Does the Fashion Industry Influence Teen Clothing?

Fashion is a very broad category of human activities, in a certain context and at a certain time, of apparel, footwear, fashion, jewelry, makeup, haircare, and bodily postures. In its broader usage, the word also suggests an appearance defined by the fashion industry at what is currently trending. Trendiness is relative and can change with the wind, so to speak. One hundred years ago, the fashionable would have been classical, Victorian, or classical period clothing; and in twenty-five years’ time, it would have been hip, urban, or trendy. The term, “fashion,” as used in this article, refers loosely to these broad subjects matter, but is intended to have more of a definition.

Fashion is a complex phenomenon in many ways. It is not so much so as clothes or articles of apparel, but it is like everything else in our world in that it exists in our culture as something we all engage in, whether consciously or unconsciously, regardless of how close we are to the object of the trend. The following text will attempt to give a more encompassing description of the fashion life cycle, including its phases.

High fashion or popular fashion, as most people know it, began at approximately the same time as mass production of manufactured goods, such as automobiles and clothing. Popular fashions at this time were made up of expensive dresses, jewelry, and other articles of clothing which were expensive to make and therefore highly decorative and ornamental. At this point in time, fashion tended to be so pervasive that clothing was almost a universal aspect of everyday life. This phase was popular for roughly two decades. Then, during the early 1950s, low fashion, or the casual fashion, began to gain popularity.

The most recent phase of high fashion trends, known as hip and urban fashion trends, is what has become most popular with the young people of today. In this phase, clothing is designed in a way that is unique, fun, and irreverent. Much like the previous fashions, hip and urban clothing can be found everywhere in casual settings and even in formal environments. However, unlike the fashions of the previous years, this clothing tends to have a more ironic and cynical tone to it.

The clothes that are created in this fashion industry tend to be very revealing and at times, a little risque. This may be a result of the desire for immediate attention, as well as the fact that the clothes are considered to be very sexy. In turn, some people find the raunchy nature of the fashions to be a bit offensive, but again, this type of clothing is available to anyone who is willing to look. Due to this openness of the fashion industry, there are more new designers coming up with new and exciting designs every year, bringing about new and improved fashions that are both funny and outrageous.

Hip hop and razzle-dazzle culture have also influenced the fashion trends that are being seen by today’s youth. For example, oversized and bright clothing has become quite popular with urban youth, and this is reflected in the choice of clothes that many of them are wearing. Furthermore, many of the younger generation are now starting to wear clothes that are influenced by street art and hip hop fashion. These clothes will often consist of brightly colored and bold prints, as well as an array of unusual and colorful accessories. By incorporating different colors, logos, and themes, hip hop clothing will become increasingly creative and colorful, forming an image distinct from any other type of clothing.