Toilet Training – The Comfort And Convenience That High-End Toilets Can Bring

Toto is a Japanese-owned company known for creating bathroom accessories. It is a division of Hitachi Ltd., named after its founders Mr. Katayama and Hori Watabe. TOTO has been known for manufacturing bathroom and toilet accessories for about 60 years now. It is also one of the top brands in the market for shower enclosures. It specializes in hand-held and wall-mounted accessories.


One division of TOTO is the Toilet Training product division, which deals with training toilets. This division is led by Hidehiko Yamakawa, who previously worked as an assistant to the manager of a department store. He went on to establish his own company, and started selling train and seat washing machines, which are very popular with the Japanese market. He left Hitachi to form his own company, which today is better known as Toilet Training.

The latest product that TOTO produces is its heated seats and toilet paper holders. These items have become very popular in many households in Japan. They offer heated seats that can be used either for relaxation or to keep the bathroom warm during those cold winter days. The heated seats come with a remote control that can be used to switch between a warm setting and a cool setting. The toilet paper holder has a heated plate that can be used to wipe oneself clean after using the toilet.

Another feature of Toilet Training products is its “standard height” flushing lever. Its design is similar to that of the Toilet Training Standard Nozzles that can be bought separately from the company, but with a more conventional design. The lever does not have a special function in this case, so it is not considered as an upgrade. However, most buyers prefer to buy the standard height lever over other designs because it is easier to handle and does not require them to extend their arms much.

The air dryer is also another feature included in most Toilet Training range of toilets. Most people prefer heated seats or air dryers over the conventional ones, especially because they add comfort to a bathroom and because they are environmentally friendly. Toilet training air dryers can be used on most toilets that are fitted with a standard height toilet bowl, which makes them very convenient to use.

The prices of Toilet Training products vary according to the brand and model, but generally speaking, they are sold for about one hundred and ten Japanese Yen or about one hundred and twenty US dollars. Most toilet brands and models sold by Toilet Training are of high-end quality and have several functions, including the air dryer and heated seats. In addition, most of these toilets have the latest design features, including the elongated flange and wide rimmed seats. Some models can even hold more than five hundred and fifty liters of water. If you are searching for a new toilet, then it might be a good idea to consider a Toilet Training product.